O’Neill is confident of Bournemouth’s comeback

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Bournemouth manager Gary O’Neill said his players were full of confidence after their win over Leicester City on the night,

with O’Neill replacing Scott Parker. Who was ruled out. Released after the game. Losing to Liverpool with a score of 9-0. Which is expect to be very much in charge of only two games

, but O’Neill has managed 5 games in the Premier League without facing defeat at all. And most recently, they just turned over to win the “Fox”, even after one goal at the end of the first half

. O’Neill looked at his team being confident. This helped them come back twice

The result means Bournemouth climbed to eighth place in the Premier League with 12 points, while Leicester remained firmly in the nineteenth place after their fifth consecutive defeat away from home this season. The UFABET report

. It was brutal that we were one goal behind in the first half. Because we play well and have the opportunity to inform many times. But we were punished for one crucial moment by Leicester,” he said.

“They say they have to believe and keep trying. We made a few minor adjustments at halftime and used more aggressiveness. In the end it got our way. And we are very happy.”

“I think the children are confident. I don’t think you can come back after two goals against Nottingham Forest and one against Leicester.”