‘Odegaard’ reveals “Father”, a huge fan of Swan

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Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard has revealed that his father and many others in his family A huge fan of Liverpool, the

‘Cannons’ are doing a hot job. There is an open house waiting to meet with “Reds” Liverpool today (Sunday)

Odegaard has given an interview to the opponent. By stating that it is a club that he has had the opportunity to follow since he was a child.

“Our challenge is to maintain a performance against Liverpool today. This is another big test for us in the Premier League

: “It was a special game for me as well. when I was young My father is a huge Liverpool fan.

“Many people in my family Growing up cheering for Liverpool, my brother was actually coming to the stadium today. to see our competition

“But of course he is now supporting Arsenal. There is no doubt about this!

“I remember as a child. I sat at home watching Liverpool. Follow players like Stephen Gerrard and of course John Arne Riise: The UFABET report

“I was young when he was at Liverpool. But I remember his important goals and free-kicks.

“He is a famous player in Norwegian football. He also holds the record for most appearances for the Norwegian national team. He used to win the Champions League. League with Liverpool So he had a great career in football. and is someone I look up to as a role model.”