Nice raised their interest in Graeme Potter as their new manager.

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Nice have increased their interest in Graeme Potter as their new manager. According to French media sports reports.

Graeme Potter was sacked by Chelsea in early April. After performing poorly and unable to push navy blue lion. It was as expected by the board despite the strong support it received.

However, in recent weeks, reports have emerged that. Nice’s owner INEOS has expressed his desire to land Potter as their new manager next season. And have continued to contact agents UFABET

In addition to Potter, there is also the name of Franck S, the talented coach of Lens and Rechies Le Brees from Lorient. But the first one is likely to be a famous northern team that will not let go. The latter is not favored by INEOS.

This makes Potter now the choice. But an important step is inevitable is the decision of the former Chelsea boss whether he is ready to move to work in Ligue 1 or not. Plus now Sir Jim Ratcliffe is still involved in negotiations to buy Manchester United makes negotiations may take a while.

The part that the media doesn’t mention But it will likely affect his decision. is that Potter has a close relationship with Jones. The one who recommended him to get a job in Sweden. That makes them both like the team style of “Roberto Martinez” former Swansea boss. that focuses on possession of the ball and playing on the floor as the original capital being approached by a club that believes in that approach It should help him make an easier decision.