“Khvicha” Pluem Anche knows – lift 2 legendary kings as idols

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Khvicha Quaratskela admits that he is delighted that Carlo Ancelotti knows and reveals that Real Madrid legends like Cristiano Ronaldo and Guti are idols

. Visiting Napoli, despite joining the club last summer, having scored six goals and four assists in 11 appearances across all competitions

, Ancelotti has revealed that he has followed him. Quaratskeleia Since his days as Napoli manager, when the winger was relatively unknown at the time,

the 21-year-old admitted he was delighted that Ancelotti knew him and was grateful that the Italian’s valuation was high.

Napoli star Khvicha Kvaratskhelia has cited Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo as his childhood idol and thanked Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti for his recent comments.

The Italian manager recently claimed that he kept an eye on the Georgia international during his time as Napoli’s manager. Ancelotti told UFABET

“It’s a great feeling. He made me happy and grateful from the bottom of my heart,” When asked about Ancelotti’s interest.

In addition, the Quaratsklia Also revealed that Ronaldo and Guti are idols.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is my idol. Although my first favorite player was Real Madrid’s Guti, when I was still playing on the streets of Tbilisi with friends. I’m wearing a white shirt with his name on the back,” he revealed.