How to play baccarat on your phone

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when we know all the words How to count points and the payout rate We can now start the game. by newbies who want to know How to play baccarat on your phone That’s an easy way. and can do as follows:

1. First, let the player log in via the online casino entrance link that has been received.

Then fill in the Username and password and complete the verification code. สมัคร UFABET

2. When everything is completed, it will come to the casino page,

where there will be many betting games for players to choose as they like. or according to your preference Then let the players press to choose at baccarat.

3. After clicking to enter baccarat,

you will find that there are many baccarat rooms for players to choose from. in which each room will show statistics that each game that the cards have any effect The statistics in front of this room will be very useful. If the player sees the card as or know the formula to play baccarat But for newbies, don’t worry. Because Baccarat is an easy game to play. and easy to understand

4. If the player has selected the Baccarat room,

then can press enter the room. Players will meet with a dealer who deals cards. and the table used for placing bets Players will see their own balance. that can place bets in the upper corner Next is the time to place bets in each round. As for the middle box. It will be a table that is intended for us to choose to bet on. The bottom part next to the table will be seen as a coin, also known as a chip. Used to represent real money according to a predetermined amount. Each coin has 50, 100, 1K, 5K and 10K. The number on the chip represents the amount of real money we have. and there will be a channel that says We will be able to place a minimum – maximum bet each time. What is it?

5. Starting to play baccarat in a mobile phone is easy,

for example, we have money in the User 200 baht, we choose to place the money on the side that we will play. There will be a banker side (BANKER) and a player side (PLAYER). We can choose to play on any side. If you choose to bet on the player’s side, the payout price is 1:1, assuming a bet of 100 will get a profit back of 100, but if you choose to bet on the banker’s side, it will get a price of 1:0.95, assuming that bet of 100 will get a profit of 95 baht, and players can also bet on a tie (TIE) as well, which will be paid as high as eight times. All of the above, you can choose to bet on any side. All through your mobile phone easily.

6. How to play baccarat on your phone 

Players must press to select the coin or chip according to the amount they want to bet first. Then put the chip in the box that we think will win, for example, we press to select the 50 baht chip, then click on the banker’s side. and then press confirm Wait for the countdown timer to be dealt. If the cards come out, the dealer 9 points, the player 4 points, like this, the dealer wins. which we will get profit back from betting on the right side As for how to exit the Baccarat card room, it can be pressed out of the game at any time as well.