“Frank” gets angry after being smelted by 5 salika bees

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Brentford boss Thomas Frank admits he is furious that they conceded five goals against Newcastle United’s goalless

defeat to Newcastle. To 5-1 in the Premier League on Wednesday night,

Newcastle took on Brentford after surviving a goal conceded by VAR to end the first half 2-0

despite Ivan Tony. Jersey were smashed early in the second half, but Newcastle added three goals before the game ended 5-1

. and hope to return After just winning just one of the last 6 games,

“last year, even playing in the most difficult league But we never thought we’d concede as many as five goals,” he said after the game.

“Usually I never thought we would concede five goals but it happened today. both in life and in football games It depends on how you deal with defeats

. It’s also important that you don’t make mistakes that result in 1, 2, 3 or 4 goals conceded. With 4 misses, you lose the game. Which is normal.” The UFABET report

“I strongly believe that if you lose 5-1 don’t complain But the first goal of the game changed the momentum. I tried to look at our statistics. When we are leading first in the Premier League. We’ve won 11 of 13 games

. I could feel the anger erupting in me. So are the players. And we have to come back.”