Randal Corsen ‘Symbiosis’

Randal’s newest project, with a line-up consisting of some of the most talented young musicians of this time in the Netherlands.

  • Randal Corsen – piano
  • Mark Schilders – drums
  • Glenn Gaddum jr – bass
  • Vernon Chatlein – percussion

Stay Tuned for more info.

Randal Corsen Trio

Randal continues to impress with an original repertoire in which jazz, latin and Antillean folklore come together. With his trio, also featuring bassist Eric Calmes and drummer Enrique Firpi, Randal delivers world-class ‘Cura Jazz’!

    • Randal Corsen – piano
    • Enrique Firpi – drums
    • Reno Steba/Eric Calmes – bass

with occational special guest:

  • Pernell Saturnino – percussion

Randal Corsen & Friends – Dulsura di Korsou

With this project and cd ‘Dulsura di Korsou’ Randal goes back to his roots, performing folklore songs from his beloved island. The songs cover more than a century of musical history and tradition from Curaçao and pay tribute to some of the great composers of the island.

For this project Randal invited a group of musical friends. Most of them were born on Curaçao. Together they perform a repertoire that showcase all the typical Antillean music styles such as the tumba, the danza, the Antillean waltz, the muzik di zumbi and the seú.

Many traditional instruments are used, like the wiri (metal guiro), chapi (hoe), tambu grandi and bari (drum instruments), kachu (cow horn), kwarta (four-string folklore guitar), but also drums, electric guitar and bass, giving the music a more modern sound.
Some of the songs are instrumental, most are sung in the native Papiamentu language.

Randal Corsen quartet meets Marlon Titre & New European Ensemble in
‘Tribute to Julian Coco’

The Randal Corsen quartet met classical guitarist and composer Marlon Titre, in a special program dedicated to legendary guitarist and bassplayer Julian Coco.

Onstage they were joined by the New European Ensemble, a chamber music orchestra consisting of Top young musicians from throughout Europe, lead by top conductor Christian Karlsen.


This 16-piece orchestra delivers a celebration of the music and composers of the Netherlands Antilles.
Several compositions from the Caribean treasure were rearranged into contemporary pieces, mixing typical Antillean rhythms with salsa, jazz, funk and pop.

The line-up of 3 vocalists, piano, bass, drums, guitar, 3 percussionists and a 6-piece horn section guarantees an exciting show.