Pianist-composer-arranger Randal Corsen is renowned for his original approach in blending Antillean and Latin-American music with jazz. He is regarded as one of the most important music ambassadors from his island of birth Curaçao. Since moving to the Netherlands, he has gained much recognition for the distinctive way he blends Jazz with Classical, Caribbean and Latin American music. For his debut album ‘Evolushón’ (2004) he received the Edison Jazz Award (the Dutch equivalent to the Grammy’s).
On this recording he worked with acclaimed saxophonist David Sanchez and guitarist Leonardo Amuedo, amongst others. After this, he released the classical piano album ‘Corsen plays Corsen’ (2005), on which he performed compositions by his great-grandfather Joseph Sickman Corsen (1853-1911). The following album ‘Armonia’ (2006) was recorded in Brooklyn, New York, feauturing a stellar line-up consisting of Paquito d’Rivera (sax), Roy Hargrove (trumpet), Scott Colley (bass), Antonio Sanchez (drums) and Pernell Saturnino (percussion). Next came ‘Dulsura di Korsou’ (2008), on which Randal went back to his roots, featuring mainly folklore songs from Curaçao in a contemporary arrangement. Besides on his own albums, Randal is also featured on 3 recordings of latin-jazz quintet ‘Bye-Ya!’, the last one also featuring stellar trumpetplayer and Grammy winner Brian Lynch.Randal performed on many important venues and festivals in the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Colombia, Belgium, Mexico, Curaçao, Bonaire and Aruba. In 2008 he performed at the North Sea Jazz festival in Rotterdam, with the international line-up featured on his cd Armonia, (Hargrove, Colley, Saturnino) together with legendary Cuban drummer, Horacio ‘El Negro’ Hernandez, who later invited Randal to join his group ‘Italuba’ in 2 concerts during the London Jazz festival. In 2010 Horacio Hernandez joined Randal once more to perform at the first edition of the Curaçao North Sea Jazz festival.Some of the other artists Randal performed and/or recorded with include Izaline Calister, Tineke Postma, Tania Kross, Monica Triga, Marzio Scholten, Metropole Orchestra, Marlon Titre, Ronald Snijders, Gerardo Rosales and the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. Randal is also a teacher at the conservatories in Utrecht and Amsterdam, and he gave masterclasses in Mexico, Spain, Latvia, Curaçao and Colombia.The past few years Randal has profiled himself mostly as a composer and arranger. He composed the opera ‘Katibu di Shon’ (Slave of Master), named after the book written by Carel de Haseth, who also wrote the libretto for the opera. This opera is an initiative of the famous mezzo-soprano Tania Kross, and will premiere in 2013 in The Netherlands.Besides all this, Randal was also the musical director and arranger of the ‘Tribute to Doble R’ project of the Metropole Orchestra, in collaboration with IKO Foundation. The TV documentary about this project was shown on tv in the Netherlands and the former Dutch Antilles.

Ivan Calmes


-Randal Corsen ‘Symbiosis’
-Randal Corsen & Friends ‘Dulsura di Korsou’
-Randal Corsen ‘Armonia’
-Randal Corsen ‘Evolushon’
-‘Zulaika’ (Movie score)

-Izaline Calister ‘Soño di un Muhé’
-Izaline Calister ‘Mariposa’
-Izaline Calister ‘Krioyo’
-Bye-ya ! ‘DOS ‘

-Randal Corsen Symbiosis
-Randal Corsen Trio/Quartet/Quintet
-Tumbábo (2004-…)
-Cross Currents (1996-2002)

Musical Director a.o.
-‘Tribute to Doble R’, project of Metropole Orchestra
-‘Nederlands Elftal’ Project during 20th Music Meeting
-Izaline Calister (various bands and projects)

Composer a.o.
-Opera ‘Katibu di Shon’
-Mazurka Moderno for the ‘Koninkrijksconcert 2012’
-‘Capricho Simpatia’ for Gergiev Festival 2011
-Evi de Jean ‘Aarde’
-Tribute to Julian Coco with Marlon Titre & New European Ensemble
-Ricciotti Ensemble
-Zapp string quartet
-Martin Verdonk CD: ‘Old School New Sound (2004)
-‘Nederlands Elftal’ project during 20th Music Meeting (2004)
-Randal Corsen CD ‘Evolushon’ (2003)
-Music score ‘Zulaika, Kobra ta Duru’ (2003)
-Izaline Calister CD’s: ‘Soño di un Muhé’ (2000), ‘Mariposa’ (2002)    and ‘Krioyo’ (2004, incl. two number 1 hits on the Dutch Caribbean)
-Bye-ya! CD’s: Bye-ya! (2001) and ‘DOS’ (2003)
-Cross Currents CD’s: ‘Mixed Emotions’ (1997) and ‘Sunú’ (2000)
-Gerardo Rosales Venezuelan jazz CD: ‘El Venezolano’ (1999)
-‘Kik’esaki’ project with Cedric Dandare and Randal Corsen during the  16th Music Meeting in Nijmegen (1997)

Arranger a.o.
-Metropole Orchestra ‘Tribute to Doble R’ (2010)
-Nederlands Blazers ensemble
-Tania Kross ‘Corazon’ (2005)
-Randal Corsen’s Tumbabo (2004)
-Izaline Calister ‘Fiesta Kurasoleño’ (2002)
-Beatriz Aguiar
-Gerardo Rosales ‘La Salsa Es Mi Vida, the New York album’ (2001)

Awards and Nominations
2004 – Winner Edison Jazz Award (For the CD ‘Evolushon’)
2004 – Highest award of Asosashon di Musiko Korsou
2002 – Finalist Andersen (Deloitte) Jazz Award (2nd/3rd place)
1997 – Winner Oranjeboom Jazz Competition in Breda
(with Cross Currents)

Worked with a.o.

Brass & woods  – Paquito D’ Rivera, David Sánchez, Roy Hargrove, Brian Lynch, Jarmo Hoogendijk, Ronald Snijders, Tony Lakatos, Jasper Blom, Tineke Postma

Guitar  – Marzio Scholten, Leonardo Amuedo, Peter Tiehuis, Ulrich de Jesus, Roy Louis, Robby Alberga, Andro Biswane

Bass   – Scott Colley, Eric Calmes, Glenn Gaddum jr, Stefan Lievestro, Jeroen Vierdag, Hein Van de Geyn, Reno Steba, Randy Winterdal, Ben Street, Mick Paauwe

Drums   – Horacio ‘El Negro’ Hernandez, Antonio Sanchez, Ignacio Berroa, Enrique Firpi, Mark Schilders, Walfredo Reyes jr., Paul van Wageningen, Liber Torriente, Lucas van Merwijk, Hans van Oosterhout, Chris Strik

Percussion   – Pernell Saturnino, Orestes Vilato, Roberto Quintero, Gerardo Rosales, Roel Calister, Martin Verdonk, Vernon Chatlein, Jens Kerkhoff

Vocals   – Tania Kross, Izaline Calister, Denise Jannah, Lilian Vieira, Monica Triga, Jeannine Larose, Shirma Rouse