What kind of exercise should heart disease patients do?

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This is because heart disease is a disease that puts patients at risk of serious complications. Patients should therefore consider safety first and avoid strenuous exercise. Initially, you may choose to exercise in the following how to ways.

1. Yoga or Tai Chi

Exercising with yoga or tai chi It is an exercise in which the body moves slowly to increase the flexibility of muscles and joints. Helps the body to balance better. and helps reduce stress There are also some studies that have found that Doing yoga may help reduce blood lipid levels. such as cholesterol and triglycerides It may also help control blood pressure UFABET  

2. Aerobic or cardio

Methods for aerobic or cardio exercise such as walking, swimming, jogging, or riding a bicycle. It is an exercise that focuses on strengthening the heart muscles. Helps the circulatory system work better. Helps reduce blood pressure or help you breathe better In the beginning, you should start with light exercise, not too strenuous. Then gradually increase the intensity of the exercise as appropriate for the body.

3. Weight training

Weight training is a type of muscle training that uses weight to provide resistance. To build strength in muscles and bones Helps with balance Including helping control the patient’s weight because increased muscle will help the body burn more energy.

However, heart disease patients who exercise with weight training should not use more than 10 kilograms of weight. Start by using small weights gradually, without overdoing it, and most importantly, you should consult your doctor first. Especially patients who have had a heart attack , suffer from coronary artery disease have ischemic heart disease. and people with high blood pressure